The term “eSIM” stands for “Embedded Subscriber Identification Module”. This is a hardware component which is built into modern mobile phones and tablets supporting eSIM services. 

Currently this is iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR with an update to iOS 12.1. The Android Google Pixel 3 is also supported. Compatible handsets will grow rapidly over the next few months as other manufacturers will launch phones with embedded SIMs.

If the APN (Access Point Name) needs to be set manually go to Settings and then select Mobile / Cellular Data. Under Data / Cellular Plans select the downloaded service. Select Mobile Data / Cellular Network and under APN type the APN outlined in your welcome email.

We have a service for 230 countries around the world. Please search and I am sure that your country will be covered. As well as that country the same plan may well cover numerous other destinations.

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