Why get a second number and eSIM on your smartphone?

woman using her esim-enabled smartphone in her living room and enjoying a second number

If you have an Phone X, 11 or SE series’, Google Pixel 3, 4 or 5, or a new Samsung S20, did you know that you can instantly download a second number and mobile line to your device that works alongside your current SIM?

We recently announced the launch of a Pay As You Go eSIM plan with full voice, SMS and data services. Excitingly, it means that we can provide our customers with a +44 telephone number and eSIM plan that can be purchased online.

But, what are the benefits of having another number on your handset? Isn’t one enough? We think not. Without any further ado, here are four reasons why you’ll love having a second number on your smartphone.

  • Personal and business line in one device
  • Keep your personal number private
  • Always have the strongest signal
  • Never be out of contact while travelling

1. A personal and business line in one device

One of the best things about activating a second line on your device is that you can finally say goodbye to carrying around your ‘work’ phone by choosing to use your eSIM line as your business number. As both mobile plans work concurrently with each other, you’re able to make and receive calls from both numbers, with no need to switch between profiles.

What’s better? With two mobile plans comes two different billing accounts. If you require another number for your work, your employer can purchase your Pay As You Go eSIM plan online and send it to you via email. Top-up is easy, so additional credit can be added by the employer, or paid for by any debit or credit card of your choice.

2.  Keep your personal number private

One of the most underrated perks of a second number on your smartphone is the ability to keep your personal number private. Particularly beneficial for freelancers or those working from home, a second number can be an alternative to distributing your own personal contact details. Outside of the work environment, there’s other times when dishing out your private number can cause an uncomfortable feeling; while selling a car online, networking at business events, or even giving your number to someone you’ve just met on a dating website. By having an additional telephone line, you can always feel secure when divulging your details to new contacts.

Person holding phone with a second number eSIM
A second number is often preferred when providing personal details for transactions online

3.  Always have the strongest signal

Our PAYG eSIM works globally because it is not locked to any one network. While this can provide major cost-savings when using the eSIM while travelling, it also means that users are able to access any network in their area. Thus, if a user lives or works in a remote area with limited coverage from their existing mobile network provider, they are able to use our eSIM and connect to a network with a stronger signal. By having a second number that can access any network in the area, you’ll never miss a call again.

How to switch between networks with eSIM.net’s second number plan:

Similarly to eSIM.net’s data-bundles, the PAYG plan will automatically connect to the strongest network available in the area. However, should you want to manually change networks, you can do so by browsing the ‘Network Selection’ settings under the ‘Mobile Data’ settings (or ‘Cellular’ if you are in the USA). For more information on eSIM settings, visit our Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM page.

4. Never be out of contact while travelling

Good or bad, users of a Pay As You Go eSIM from eSIM.net will never be out of contact while travelling again. With the additional line added to your device, you’ll be able to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive SMSs from every country across the world, with our cheapest rates on offer within the United Kingdom, European Union and United States. Starting at as little as 0.5p per MB, you’ll also receive very cheap data roaming rates, meaning there’s no need to rely on Wi-Fi while abroad.

While making use of a second number is not a necessity for most, it’s bound to make your life a whole lot easier. From our own experience, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back. So, give our Pay As You Go eSIM plan a try today by buying $10 of voice, data and SMS eSIM credit.