Connected cars with built in eSIM, eUICC

All new cars are being designed as being ‘connected’. An eSIM ( eUICC ) provides a better approach in the connected car than a conventional removable plastic SIM. It is smaller, more robust, and can be remotely programmed.

By incorporating a programmable device car manufacturers can make a single model that can be sold in various countries. In this application, the security provided by an eUICC is key and there is no way that SoftSIMs would be acceptable.

eCall/112, now mandatory for all new car and light commercial vehicle models in the European Union from 31 March 2018, will shorten the time between an accident and the arrival of the emergency services by up to 50 percent throughout Europe, and reduce the number of fatalities on the road by around 10 percent.

In Russia, there is an equivalent service called ERA-GLONASS which is based on the Russian GLONASS satellite positioning technology rather than GPS.

An eSIM is ideal to provide these services. In addition, they can offer services such as accident management, breakdown and maintenance management, remote vehicle diagnostics, and remote services for customers.