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Here are all of the non-confidential documents relating to the eSIM standards.


ImageTitleContentDoc CategoriesDoc Tagsdoc_category_hfilterdoc_tag_hfilter
CLP.05Whitepaper detailing business processes for M2M eSIMsgsmam2m
FS.08 v3.0
FS.08 v3.0SAS SM Standard V3.0gsmasas
FS.09 v3.0
FS.09 v3.0SAS-SM Methodology v3.0gsmasas
FS.17 v2.0
FS.17 v2.0SAS SM Consolidated Security Requirementsgsmasas
FS.18 v2.0
FS.18 v2.0SAS Consolidated Security Guidelines v2.0gsmasas
SGP.01 v1.12
SGP.01 v1.12GSMA Functional specification of M2M eSIMgsmam2m
SGP.02 v3.1
SGP.02 v3.1Technical requirements for M2M eSIM v3.1gsmam2m
SGP.02 v3.2
SGP.02 v3.2This is the GSMA technical specification for M2M eSIMsgsmam2m
SGP.14 v1.1
SGP.14 v1.1SGP.14_v1.1gsmasas
SGP.21 v1.0
SGP.21 v1.0Functional requirements for consumer eSIM Version 1gsmaconsumer
SGP.21 v2.1
SGP.21 v2.1GSMA Functional specification for Consumer eSIMgsmaconsumer
SGP.21 v2.2
SGP.21 v2.2Functional requirements for consumer eSIM Version 2gsmaconsumer
SGP.22 v1.2
SGP.22 v1.2Technical specification for Consumer eSIM Version 1gsmaconsumer
SGP.22 v2.2
SGP.22 v2.2Technical specification for Consumer eSIMgsmaconsumer
TS 103 383
TS 103 383eUICC technical requirementsetsim2m