eSIM Enabled Phones

eSIM Enabled Devices 

Devices have used plastic removeable SIM cards for years, but the arrival of an embedded SIM (eSIM) marks a new era for your phones, tablets and smart watches. 

And luckily for us, there are many great eSIM compatible devices already on the market. 

A Complete List of eSIM Compatible Phones 

All the major mobile device manufacturers have released eSIM phones, so there are plenty of options on the market. Most new phones will come with an embedded SIM card. 

The latest iPhones have an eSIM (and standard SIM) and Android brands such as Samsung and Huawei have also launched smartphones with eSIM capabilities. 

Here is a complete list of compatible phones with eSIM technology.

Here is a complete list of compatible tablets with eSIM technology

Need a refresh about what an eSIM is? 

An eSIM is a rewritable SIM (subscriber identification module) that is embedded into the hardware of a device (hence the name). It cannot be removed. 

eSIM technology was designed to supersede the plastic SIM cards that currently slot into phones. An eSIM accesses cellular networks through remote SIM provisioning. 

Remote SIM provisioning is a specification realized by the GSMA that allows consumers to remotely activate the subscriber identity module (SIM) embedded in a portable device such as a smartphone, smartwatch, fitness band or tablet computer. 

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