eSIM Samsung Phones and Watches: Is Your Device Compatible?

Samsung was an early adopter of eSIM technology in their smartwatches. In fact, they beat Apple to the punch. However, since then, the manufacturing giants have been more reserved than their competitors in bringing an eSIM-enabled handset to the market.

The wait was over when the flagship S20 series was released in 2020. As a result, Samsung now has a range of eSIM-enabled devices on the market; everything from smartphones to smartwatches.

At, we’re a leading online eSIM store selling a range of eSIM plans for UK, Europe and USA. Because of this, we deal day-in-day-out with questions about eSIM-enabled devices.

Here, you’ll find a list of the latest Samsung devices and can find out whether yours supports eSIM or not. We’ll also clue you in to whether the device is compatible with a plan available on our website.

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eSIM Samsung Phones: Compatible or Not?

Which Samsung devices are eSIM-enabled? We’ve got you covered.

Is there a Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra eSIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra support eSIM when purchased from selected retailers and operators worldwide. Users of these eSIM-supported devices are able to activate an eSIM plan from and choose from data-only bundles or a Pay As You Go eSIM plan that works globally.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip have an eSIM?

The eSIM-enabled Samsung Z Flip offers users dual SIM functionality when using an eSIM from or other providers. By activating the eSIM, you’ll be able to access network operators across the world and enjoy cheap rates overseas.

Is there a Samsung Galaxy Fold eSIM?

The Galaxy Fold LTE model supports eSIM, however the Galaxy Fold 5G model does not. If you want to benefit from cheap rates overseas and dual SIM functionality when using an eSIM from, ensure you purchase the correct model.

Is there a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 10, Note 10+ or Note Lite eSIM?

Despite many rumours online, there is not an eSIM in the Note series, whether it be the Note 9, Note 10, Note 10+ or Note LTE. However, some models do support dual SIM and can have two traditional SIM cards inserted (non-eSIM).

Is there a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Lite or S10+ eSIM?

The Galaxy S10 series does not support eSIM and only uses a regular SIM card. Smartphone users can purchase an S20 series or Fold or Flip in order to use an eSIM and enjoy the many benefits of embedded-SIM technology.

Is there a Samsung S9 or S9+ eSIM?

The Galaxy S9 does not support eSIM, but some models are dual SIM and allow for two traditional SIM cards. The Galaxy S20 series comes with an embedded SIM option, similarly to the Fold and Flip models.

Is there a Samsung S8 or S8+ eSIM?

The S8 and S8+ models don’t have an eSIM, but some models are dual SIM-enabled and will accept nano-SIMs. The S20 series, Flip or Fold models are eSIM-compatible and will work with eSIM plans available from

Is there a Samsung S7 eSIM?

Only the S20 series works with an eSIM, and as a result, means the S7 series does not come with an eSIM and users cannot purchase a relevant plan to support mobile services. The S7 does support dual SIM, however.


eSIM Samsung Watches: Compatible or Not?

Is there a Gear S2 eSIM?

The Gear S2 Classic 3G was among the first consumer devices to come with an eSIM. However,’s plans don’t work with any of the Gear watches. To buy an eSIM plan, customers must choose from other participating operators.

Is there a Gear S3 Frontier eSIM?

Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier (LTE) is eSIM-enabled. However, data-only bundles and the Pay As You Go plan from don’t work with Gear watches. Our eSIM plans are only compatible with the latest S20 series’, Fold and Flip.

Is there a Galaxy Watch eSIM?

The Galaxy Watch supports eSIMs from a small selection of wireless providers and network operators, but’s plans aren’t compatible with the flagship Galaxy Watch.

Is there a Galaxy Watch Active 2 eSIM?

The Active 2 is eSIM-enabled when using an eSIM from select providers around the world, but’s plans don’t work with any Samsung smartwatches. Because of this, they should not be purchased when looking to activate your device.

Is there a Galaxy Watch3 eSIM?

The Galaxy Watch3 is the latest smartwatch by Samsung and the only Samsung smartwatch that supports our eSIM service. Installing our eSIM service on the Galaxy Watch3 is simple and can be done within 5 minutes.

Find out more information on watches with an eSIM.

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