ETSI SSP ( Smart Secure Platform ), iUICC, iSIM and VPP

ETSI ( group SCPTEC#73 ) have been specifying a standard called Smart Secure Platform ( SSP ). The functional requirements for this standard are outlined in ETSI TS 103 465 and the technical requirements in ETSI TS 103 666. The standards are expected to be published in the next 3 months. The 3GPP anticipates incorporating this standard into Release 15 of their specification. This is the version that specifies 5G.

The ETSI SSP standard defines certain functions that ETSI calls ‘bundles’ that can be implemented in the smart card such as eSIM functionality, payment, and identity.

It is possible to go further than the current eUICC specifications and implement the eSIM functionality in the baseband modem chip itself. This approach is being referred to as iUICC ( Integrated Universal Integrated Circuit Card ) and is being driven by GSM modem manufacturers such as Qualcomm.

ARM Technology has announced a similar solution that makes use of the TrustZone technology on their SoC ( System On a Chip ) which they are calling iSIM.

GlobalPlatform has signed an MoU with the IoT Connectivity Alliance ( ICA ) to promote the use of their two secure component technologies, Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in an IoT environment.

The GSMA has a working group looking at specifying an iUICC solution.