iOS 12.1 Public Beta 1 supports eSIM on iPhone XS

Apple have added eSIM support to the latest version of their iOS 12.1 Public Beta 1. The LPA now includes an LUId that allows the subscriber to either scan a QR code or enter an activation code manually.  All that the subscriber has to do is purchase an appropriate activation code/QR code from an Operator and download the profile. This is effected by going into ‘Settings’, selecting ‘Mobile Data’ and then selecting ‘Add Data Plan’. It is curious that when UK English is set in the phone, Apple are referring to ‘Data Plan’ when there is no reason why a downloaded profile could not support Voice, SMS and Data. Although when the language in the phone is switched to US English the menu entry becomes ‘Add Cellular Plan’. It would appear that Apple will permit voice, SMS and data and that the UK English words are a bit misleading. Another point of note is that there does not yet seem to be any UI for searching for available plans using any form of Discovery Service.

Screenshot showing the activation of an eSIM QR code