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How can I ensure that I keep my number and service?

We at eSIM.net have been continually asked by customers as to how they ensure that they retain their number and service. To that effect we have now introduced an optional Auto Top-Up functionality where users are topped-up every 3 months after the last top-up or purchase. As an additional protection, opting in also ensures that your credit is topped-up automatically by $10 when the balance reaches $2.

To opt into this and to protect your service please follow the below simple instructions:

1: Log into your account at eSIM.net.

2: On the menu and under “My Account” select “My eSIM” from the drop down.

3: Locate your eSIM that you wish to opt in for.

4: Check the box for “Auto Top-up Every 3 months”.

5: Hit “Save Changes”.

That is it and you will now be automatically topped-up $10 credit 3 months after your last top-up or from buying the PAYG plan, and you will retain your number and service.

You can opt out of this anytime by unchecking the “Auto Top-up Every 3 months” box and saving changes.

So what does this mean exactly?

If you buy a new plan on 6th April you would be required to top-up by 6th July.

If for example you manually top-up this plan on the 20th June this extends your 3 month period to 20th September.

If you opt in for “Auto Top-up Every 3 months” you do not have to do anything.

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