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eSIM.net fully support MNP (Mobile Number Portability) in the UK for all of our O2 and Vodafone products. It is possible to port from a physical SIM card to an eSIM or vice-versa.

Porting In your number to eSIM.net from another provider

To port your number in to one of our O2 or Vodafone eSIM plans you should firstly contact your current provider and request a PAC code which they are obliged to give you.

Please note that you can only port the number in when you order our O2 eSIM plan. If you want to port your number in after you have already bought the plan then don’t worry. Simply cancel your plan and buy another one ( this time entering your PAC code ). Contact us by emailing porting@esim.net and we will refund you for any outstanding credit on your first plan.

Porting Out your number from eSIM.net to another provider

We also support porting out your number if requested. Just ask us for a PAC code by emailing support@esim.net and then forward this to the operator to which you want to port your number.

Porting FAQs

This FAQ guide answers some of the most common questions we get from customers about porting to eSIM.

What Exactly is Number Porting / Mobile Number Portability?
Mobile Number Portability is a service that allows mobile users to change their service provider or network and keep the same phone number.

By eliminating the need to get a new number when switching mobile plans or networks, customers have more freedom to choose eSIM plans that suit their needs and reap the benefits of new technologies like embedded SIM cards.

Rules for porting your mobile phone number to an eSIM differ from country to country, but the process is straightforward in the United Kingdom.
How Does Number Porting to an eSIM Work in the UK?
Mobile Number Portability in the UK is incredibly quick and easy. The process may differ between MVNOs and MNOs, but transferring a SIM card to an eSIM works the same way as traditional mobile number portability.

Porting an eSIM in the UK involves getting a PAC and sending an email.

A Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) is usually made up of nine digits and is valid for 30 days. You must request this code from your current provider. Your new provider will need the code to schedule the transfer of your number.

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How to Port a Physical SIM Card to an eSIM
Converting your existing SIM to an eSIM is simple and shouldn’t take very long to do.

The transfer takes about 48 hours to complete.

This is what you need to do to:

• Contact your current provider and request a PAC number
• Purchase your eSIM plan on our website while entering the PAC number
• Wait 48 hours for the transfer to complete
• Check that the new eSIM is active by making a phone call

Our Port to Prepaid service allows customers to transfer their contract number to a prepaid eSIM service. This makes it easier to switch from a contract plan to a Pay As You Go eSIM. We are the only eSIM provider to offer such a solution.

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Can a Carrier Refuse to Port a Number?
The industry has been plagued by dodgy ISPs and mobile providers who are determined to block customers from switching to other providers and taking their number with them.

According to Ofcom, the regulator for the telecommunications industry, “Under the General Condition 18 (GC18) rule UK consumers are supposed to be able to keep their phone number when changing provider.”

This means mobile users in the UK can transfer their phone number and providers are not allowed to withhold the porting code.
How Long Does it Take to Port a Number to an eSIM?
Getting the PAC number shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Most providers should be able to give it to you immediately.

The transfer shouldn’t take more than 48 UK business hours after the PAC number has been sent to your eSIM carrier. Please note that the weekends are not considered business hours.
Why Should I Port My SIM Card to an eSIM?
Porting to an eSIM is one of the best decisions you will ever make if you value network flexibility, reliable coverage, and features such as Wi-Fi Calling and Roam Like Home. An eSIM also gives you access to the world’s 5G networks.

An eSIM handles the rigours of our hyper-connected world effortlessly and still manages to impress with its features and performance.

Switching to an eSIM gives you enhanced connectivity and excellent features, but also greater freedom with your eSIM plans. Monthly subscriptions, pay as you go, and data only deals are available.

You choose the best plan for your needs and lifestyle.

You could also opt to keep your plastic SIM and get an eSIM plan for your embedded SIM. This gives you true dual-SIM functionality, a feature that comes with its own unique benefits, especially if you use your phone for business.

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