Watches with an eSIM

As far as we are aware the Apple and most Android watches are currently locked to the mobile service that is present in a ‘companion’ smartphone. The benefit of this is that your watch and smartphone can both use the same telephone number. The downside of this is that you must get your watch service from the same operator from which you got your smartphone service and that operator must have a platform that facilitates sharing a single telephone number between 2 SIMs. We do not offer a ‘Onenumber’ service. 

At some stage the watch manufacturers will probably decouple mobile service in the watch from mobile service in the handset. This would mean that a watch could operate standalone with its own telephone number. At this point it would be able to be configured with its own QR code eSIM service.

If you have a very recent watch that you believe can work standalone then we would be only too happy to give you complimentary service to see if it works.

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