What is the difference between a Standard plan and a Premium O2/Vodafone plan?

We sell 2 different kinds of UK domestic plans. The ‘Standard’ plans will disable roaming and international calling if they are used outside of their bundle. Whereas the Premium plans come with an ‘overage’ allowance of £25. This means that they allow calls and data usage outside their bundle up to a cap of £25. Once this cap is exceeded then roaming and international calling will be disabled.

To see what is included in your bundle please search ‘What is included in my Standard plan’ or ‘What is include in my Premium plan’.

A customer can order either a Standard or Premium plan at checkout by ticking or unticking the overage box. However for the Premium plans the customer needs to pass detailed online credit checks.

Premium customers are charged at the beginning of every new month for the excess charges they incurred during the month by us debiting the stored payment cards. They will receive a bill detailing all of the charges.

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