Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM: Device Compatibility and FAQs

Samsung was the first to introduce eSIM technology to their devices with the Gear S2 smartwatch in 2016. Over four years later, they have now expanded it to their handsets.

The Galaxy S20 series is their second range of phones to support eSIM and remote provisioning capabilities.

This guide examines the Samsung Galaxy S20 and its compatibility with eSIM across each of the three models. It also covers frequently asked questions about how to set up an eSIM, the advantages of using eSIM, and how eSIM technology works.

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The Samsung S20 eSIM series
Which Samsung S20 devices are eSIM-enabled? All three (excl. USA)

Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM – Which Devices Are Compatible?

Does the Galaxy S20 have an eSIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has an eSIM when purchased from participating retailers and operators around the world. It is easily activated and supports eSIM plans for various countries and regions. You can activate it with a plan from the leading provider of affordable eSIM mobile plans,

Is there a Galaxy S20+ eSIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has an eSIM, which gives it dual SIM functionality, but only when the device is purchased from a participating retailer.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus can be activated with an eSIM plan from participating mobile network providers in your area, or from

Does the Galaxy S20 Ultra support eSIM?

The S20 Ultra supports eSIM when purchased from participating network operators around the world. It can be activated with an eSIM plan from a mobile virtual network operator like or through a participating local network provider.

Activating the eSIM in the S20 Ultra gives it dual SIM functionality and access to different networks and affordable rates at home or abroad.

How Do I Activate the Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM can be activated by downloading a data plan from an eSIM provider, like When you choose a service plan, you will receive a QR activation code from the provider which you will scan into your phone. This will retrieve subscription details and download it to the embedded eSIM.

After activating the subscription, you will have instant access to mobile services. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20, when purchased in the United States, does not come with an eSIM. However, any Samsung Galaxy S20 purchased with eSIM functionality will work in the United States when using a mobile plan from

Can I use the eSIM with a physical SIM card?

Yes. All the devices in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series have a SIM and eSIM and can be used interchangeably. This is ideal if you want a business and personal SIM or you are a frequent traveller and want to save on data costs while you’re travelling abroad.

The single-SIM Galaxy S20 lets you connect to a mobile network using either the eSIM or regular SIM. The dual SIM S20 gives you access to two network connections using either a combination of the eSIM and regular SIM or two regular SIM cards.

The eSIM can also be used on its own.

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What Are the Advantages of Using the Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM offers the same functionalities as a regular SIM card but without their limitations. Two of the most appealing features of eSIM are that it allows you to easily switch between networks and save on roaming costs.

However, there are 3 other major advantages:

  • It is quick to download and activate, which saves time when you need a new plan 
  • You can save multiple profiles on one device, which offers excellent benefits if you travel frequently. It’s also useful if you want a private and business number, or your main network provider is down
  • If you are using a dual SIM Galaxy S20, its second SIM slot gives you the option of using a micro SD card and two SIM cards simultaneously

The introduction of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is disrupting the SIM card market and changing the way we access cellular networks.

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For providers such as, this means competing to offer the best products at the best rates. For consumers, this means improved connectivity, fewer complications, and more affordable data costs abroad and at home.

woman enjoying using her second number and eSIM at home

How does eSIM technology work?

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology works much like a regular SIM card. It also acts as a portal for you to connect with a cellular network. What makes it unique is its use of remote provisioning and that the SIM is embedded into the device’s internal hardware.

An eSIM uses remote provisioning to connect to different cellular networks without the need for a plastic SIM card. This gives users freedom to move between profiles and networks and gets rid of the need to commit to just one provider.

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How to Set Up a Samsung Galaxy S20 eSIM Plan?

eSIM plans can be purchased through an eSIM provider like We specialise in Voice, Data and SMS eSIM plans for UK, Europe and USA.