SM-DP ( Subscription Manager for Data Preparation )

The SM-DP is used in an M2M RSP environment. Its function is to take the raw profile information from an MNO, personalise it with the appropriate IMSI/Ki pair information and convert it into a form that is suitable for transmission by the SM-SR to the eUICC.

The process for a profile download in an M2M environment is as follows:

  1.  SMS sent to eUICC by the SM-SR via the SMSC belonging to the provider of the provisioning profile to trigger a session
  2.  eUICC requests that the device sets up a data session using BIP and the URL ( or IP address ) of the SM-SR ( contained in the SMS )
  3.  CAT_TP or HTTPS transport link established between eUICC and SM-SR ( ES5 )
  4.  A secure channel is established between the SM-DP and eUICC
  5.  A profile download is initiated by the SM-DP

Remote Application Management ( RAM ) or Remote File Management ( RFM ) can be implemented between the SM and eUICC using the data connection as per above or simply using SMS.