Three Reasons Why You Should Buy an eSIM

Are you the owner of one of the latest Apple, Google Pixel, or Samsung handsets? Did you know they are eSIM-enabled? Embedded inside the latest devices, eSIMs are changing the way users purchase mobile services and connect to networks.

But, what exactly is an eSIM and why should you buy one?

esim device in a person's hand
Have you caught on to eSIM technology yet?

An eSIM, or ‘Embedded-SIM’, functions just like a regular SIM card and can help you connect to mobile services. Unlike a traditional SIM, however, an eSIM cannot be removed and can be programmed to any participating network provider. 

So, why would someone need an eSIM in their phone? How can it be of use to you? Here are our three reasons why you should buy an eSIM today.

1. Dual SIM Functionality

If the idea of having two mobile plans in one device excites you, then buy yourself an eSIM! eSIMs allow for dual SIM functionality, meaning your phone can access two different SIMs at the same time.

In the case of an eSIM, that’s one virtual SIM card and one physical SIM.

But what are the advantages of dual SIM using an eSIM? How can it help you?

One of the main advantages of dual SIM – with an eSIM plan that supports voice calls – is being able to use two phone numbers simultaneously. This is particularly useful should you wish to have your personal and business line on one device. Both SIM options can make and receive calls on the one device, so you’ll never miss a call. You will also never have to carry around two mobile phones or switch between SIM cards again.

Data-only eSIMs also allow for dual SIM functionality and the benefits that come with that. For example, if you frequently exhaust the monthly data limits on your regular mobile plan, you can easily add more data to your device using your eSIM.

Additionally, you can make the most of two different mobile plans if you find a better deal. You can also keep your accounts separate as dual SIM allows for individual billing. This means you can easily track and claim for any data used on your eSIM line.

2. Improved Connectivity and Coverage

One of the biggest differences between an eSIM and a SIM card is that an eSIM can be remotely provisioned to any participating mobile network. What this means for consumers is that they have the freedom to easily switch between mobile networks should they find a better deal elsewhere.

In practice, should a customer buy an eSIM from a network operator like Vodafone or, they can switch to another provider – at any time – without having to get a new SIM card. The embedded chip can be activated with a new plan downloaded over the internet, and stored as another profile within the eSIM. 

There is also a growing number of eSIM plans that provide a multi-network service. Unlike an eSIM plan purchased from a traditional provider, multi-network eSIM plans work across all networks and offer greater mobile coverage and connectivity.

This has proven to be hugely beneficial for consumers living in remote regions of the United Kingdom as many are not served by their domestic provider. They are now able to use their eSIM in addition to a plastic SIM to find an alternative network, when the plastic SIM does not have good coverage. 

3. Cheap International Roaming Rates

An eSIM’s ability to connect to multiple mobile networks also makes it a fantastic travel product. While overseas, users of an eSIM can connect to local networks at the touch of a button. By paying local rates, consumers avoid the exorbitant international roaming charges that are normally applied on traditional mobile plans. 

Additionally, an eSIM can be extremely useful while travelling as it is already embedded inside a device. There is no need for a user to remove their physical SIM card in order to swap it for a local SIM card, or exchange it for travel SIM.

Not only does this remove the risk of losing your regular SIM card, but it means you can still make and receive calls, or use data, on your regular SIM.

Although travel is temporarily off the cards, an eSIM can be a useful addition to your device. Whether you’re using it to enjoy dual SIM functionality, or simply to access stronger coverage in your area, now is the time to buy an eSIM.

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