How do I check how much Data I have left?

You can check how much data is remaining on your plan as follows:

1. Login to your account on our web site

2. Select ‘MyeSIM’ in the ‘Account’ menu

3. Select ‘Select eSIM’ for the plan that you are interested in

4. Information about the plan will be displayed when you select ‘View Data Usage’, including how much data you have used and have left in your plan

Note 1: As per our Terms & Conditions your data allowance renews at the end of the CALENDAR month and not at your subscription period end.

Note 2: During the first month of purchase your allowance for the first month will be pro-rated according to when in the CALENDAR month you purchased the service e.g. if you buy the service on 15th of the first month you will only have half of your data allowance available in that month. Your full allowance will become available on the 1st of the following month.

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