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True Local UK O2 Service

Second line for Business/Personal use

30 Day Rolling Plan

No Additional Charges

Lightning Fast 5G

WiFi Calling

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Works in 41 Countries

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15 Day 6GB Plan

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Over 200 Countries

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Top grade quality for all plans. are a leading online store exclusively selling eSIM plans for those lucky enough to have the latest model smartphones. Our team have been involved in all aspects of the eSIM standard and pride themselves in being world experts in this rapidly expanding market.

eSIM equipped phones have several advantages:

  • Provide a second line to seperate business and personal calls
  • Instant provisioning of a new plan
  • Multiple plans to gain access to networks with good signal
  • Multiple plans to minimise roaming costs

eSIM.Net Group Ltd is a UK company and supplies:

  • Plans that are suitable for UK local usage or global plans
  • Plans with full Voice/SMS/Data or data-only plans
  • All plans are fixed price and therefore have no additional charges
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