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O2 Standard

30 Day Rolling

6GB to Unlimited

Unlimited UK Calls and Texts

Lightning fast 5G

WiFi Calling

No Roaming (UK Only)

No International Calling

Suitable for visitors to UK

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O2 Premium

30 Day Rolling

6GB to Unlimited

Unlimited UK Calls and Texts

Lightning fast 5G

WiFi Calling

Roam at no extra cost in EU

Up to 2,000 International Minutes

UK Residents Only

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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Will this work on my device?

Be it a phone or a tablet the family of eSIM enabled devices is growing and growing, iPhones, Pixels and more. For a comprehensive up to date list of all supported devices please Click Here.

Is the amount I pay each month fixed?

Yes the amount you will pay each month is fixed as no services other than those mentioned in your selected plan are allowed. 

How does O2 roaming in EU work?

Our three O2 Premium plans include "Roam like At Home" where you can freely use your allocated data in the EU (and some other countries) as if you are in the UK and receive calls on the UK number free of charge. In addition the 20GB plan includes 500 free international minutes/texts where you can call anywhere in the EU and back to the UK from anywhere in the EU without charge. On the 20GB and Unlimited plan can also text without charge from anywhere in the EU/UK to anywhere in the EU/UK. The Unlimited plan includes 2,000 of these monthly international calling minutes/texts. The Standard O2 plans do not offer roaming.

What if I run out of data?

Should you happen to run out of data during any month you can purchase what are called O2 Data Snacks in units of 1Gb or 2GB (maximum 6GB in any one month). To do this please simply log in to your account and go to My eSIM where you can purchase 1GB for £8 or 2GB for £12. These will be immediately added to your account after Checkout. You can email us at any time to upgrade your plan to give you more data on a regular basis. However please note that any upgrade will not take affect until the 1st of the next month, so you may need some Data Snacks to tide you over until the end of the calendar month.  

Is there a fair usage policy on the O2 Unlimited plan?

With Unlimited data plans there is generally a fair usage policy. Our policy is a massive 650GB of high speed data for domestic UK data traffic and 25GB per month on EU data roaming. Note that only the O2 Premium plans include roaming.

How do I cancel the O2 service?

Unlike certain other service providers we do not hide this question or answer behind the scenes. To cancel your plan simply login and go to My eSIM. Find your plan and hit "View Settings. Then hit "Cancel Plan" to proceed. NOTE that the plan will continue to work until the end of the subscription period ( usually 30 days ).


“I am new to eSIMs and never thought it would be so simple. Five minutes after placing an order the mobile plan was downloaded and active on my iPhone. Great service.”

Simon Whitchurch

“I was searching for a local eSIM plan as most others seem to be roaming and more expensive. I found this and very happy with a 30 day rolling plan rather than a long contract.”

Rob Whiting