iPhone download ( scan QR code ) error messages

If you receive an error message while trying to scan the QR code this means that there is something wrong with your QR code or iPhone. The most common error messages are as follows:

  1. The QR code has been used already – error message “Data Plan Cannot be Added This code is no longer valid. Contact your network provider for more information”. This means either that the eSIM plan has already been used ( downloaded to another phone ) or that it has been downloaded to the same phone 10 ten times. Note that an eSIM plan can only be used on one phone and cannot be downloaded more than 10 times to that phone.
Screenshot showing message saying QR code is invalid

2. The QR code is not valid – error message “Invalid Activation Code The activation code you are attempting to use is not valid. Contact your network provider for more information”

Screenshot of error message saying QR code is invalid

3. No Internet connection. Note that you have to scan an eSIM QR code while having a WiFi or mobile data connection – error message “Unable to Complete Data Plan Change Your data plan could not be set up. Try again later”

Screenshot of message saying data plan can't be set up

4. Locked phone. You need to contact the Mobile Operator that supplied your phone to you and ask them to unlock it. Otherwise NO eSIM plans can be installed in the phone other than ones supplied by the same Operator as supplied your phone. Error message “Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added Your device can only use data plans from a different network provider”

Screenshot of message saying network provider cannot be added

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