What product would you recommend?

eSIM.net provide a wide range of products and each one has advantages for specific requirements.

If you want a service to use in the UK then you should buy either our Vodafone or O2 eSIM service. In addition you should decide whether you are a consumer that does not want any additional charges. If so the “Standard” O2 and Vodafone products are best.

However if you want to have the ability to occasionally use your service to make calls or roam in countries that are outside your bundle then the Premium product is best. This may well be the case for businesses wishing to purchase an eSIM service.

All of the Standard and Premium products are “Full-service”. This means that they support voice and SMS in addition to data.

If you want a full service product to travel around Europe then our O2 Travel product offers a massive 50GB of data, as well as unlimited voice calls. This works out at a lower cost then the Vodafone Travel product.

However if you want an eSIM service that works in many countries around the world ( Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other countries ) then the Vodafone Travel product is perfect.

If you are happy with Data only, then we have products for just about every country in the world.

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