O2 eSIM: Local eSIM Service for the UK

eSIM-only plans like the O2 eSIM are changing the game and offering mobile users a more flexible and affordable alternative to traditional mobile phone plans.

If you’ve been eagerly following the rollout of eSIM enabled devices but been frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to local eSIM services, we’ve got some good news. The O2 eSIM is a flexible and affordable local eSIM service that is available on a rolling monthly contract and designed especially for use in the United Kingdom.

This article explores the new service and the eSIM plans it offers in more detail and answers some frequently asked questions about using a UK eSIM on the O2 network.

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What is the O2 eSIM and How Does it Work?

The O2 eSIM is a eSIM only service that focuses on offering UK residents lower tariffs on the O2 network and all the benefits of an eSIM while at home in the United Kingdom.

It has been carefully designed to include all the features you need for better connectivity.

Whether you are specifically looking for an eSIM using O2 or you aren’t particularly bothered about which network you use and just want a plan that works for your unique needs and lifestyle, a UK eSIM with an O2 connection has what you need.

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Hand holding smartphone
Get ready for 5G speeds, high end features, and better coverage.

SIM Only vs Contract

There are two kinds of mobile plans available when you buy a new phone: SIM Only and Contract. Each has its own pros and cons. Here’s a quick breakdown:

SIM-only plans only cover the mobile service, not the device. This is ideal if you already have a phone but want to switch to a new network or found a plan with better tariffs.

Pros of SIM-only:

  • It usually works out to be cheaper overall
  • Your monthly payments are lower
  • You don’t have to commit to a provider, plan, or phone
  • You can choose your network because the phone is unlocked
  • You can sign up without a credit check
  • It’s the only way to get a Pay As You Go plan

Mobile contracts are usually available on a 12 or 24-month basis and require you to pay a fixed fee every month for the mobile tariffs and handset payments.

Pros of a contract:

  • There are no, or low, upfront costs
  • You get your phone straight away
  • Costs are more manageable because they are spread out
  • Going for a contract means you can upgrade every two years
Person holding up O2 eSIM phone with speed test
A UK eSIM with O2 coverage gives you access to lightning fast 5G.

What Are the Benefits of an O2 eSIM?

The O2 eSIM service offers the usual features but also some high-end ones you don’t get with regular mobile contracts.

You get:

  • Roam Like Home in the EU
  • Unlimited Minutes and Messages
  • WiFi Calling
  • 5G Speeds
  • No Contract or Commitment
  • Easy to Top Up
  • Second Phone Number

Roam Like Home in the EU

The O2 eSIM is a local service but still allows you to keep your UK number while roaming in Europe and you won’t incur any additional charges.

You can make phone calls and send text messages to a UK mobile or landline and to any mobile or landline in the country you are roaming in.

Unlimited Minutes and Messages

Each plan has Unlimited Minutes and Messages so you will never be out of touch. The Unlimited plan has a fair usage policy, which is a whopping 650GB of high-speed data for UK usage and 25GB per month in the EU.

WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is a convenient functionality that allows smartphones to send messages and make calls over a WiFi network instead of a cellular network. Even if you don’t have a mobile signal, if your phone supports WiFi calling you will be able to make a call or send texts.

5G Speeds

The O2 UK eSIM is 5G ready so you get seamless connectivity and greater coverage at premium speeds, whether you are at home in the UK or travelling abroad. After using a 5G eSIM you won’t be able to go back to outdated 4G SIM cards.

Woman talking on phone
WiFi Calling ensures you have connectivity whenever you need it.

No Contract or Commitment

The O2 eSIM works on a rolling 30-day subscription that can be easily cancelled at any time by simply logging into your account and unchecking a box. This gives you complete freedom to opt-out whenever you want – no notice periods or cancellation fees required.

Easy to Top Up

If you max out your data, you can easily top up or renew your service via our website or app (available on Google Play and the App Store). Everything is done online, which saves you time and the hassle of having to go into a store or request a SIM pack.

Second Phone Number

One of the best things about an embedded SIM is that it acts as a second number. An eSIM combines your work and personal lines in one device while remaining completely separate, giving you seamless dual-SIM functionality.

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Who Should Use the O2 UK eSIM?

The O2 eSIM is for anyone in the United Kingdom who wants to use the O2 network without having to sign up for a contract or use a “one size fits all” mobile plan.

Features such as an additional UK phone number and WiFi calling make it a great business SIM only plan if you use your phone for work and need to keep your business communications separate from your personal communications.

However, even if you just like the idea of unlimited minutes and having access to the enhanced speeds of 5G, an O2 eSIM service is a great way to enhance your online world.

If you have a regular SIM card and want to transfer it to an O2 UK eSIM plan, eSIM.net provides a porting service that allows you to easily do this.

O2 eSIM phone with social icons
The O2 eSIM is made for anyone who wants great features and affordable monthly tariffs.

How Do I Get an O2 eSIM in the UK?

To buy an O2 eSIM for the UK from eSIM.net follow these steps:

  1. Visit the O2 eSIM page
  2. Sign into your account or create a new one
  3. Choose your plan
  4. Complete the purchase online
  5. Scan the QR code sent to your inbox
  6. Follow a few on screen prompts
  7. Your plan is now live!

Have questions about the O2 UK eSIM or eSIM technology? Search our Helpdesk.