O2 SMS Only eSIM

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Private UK phone number for life

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O2 SMS Only eSIM

Two Factor Authentication by SMS is now the industry-standard method of providing secure login for many services.

Have you ever been unable to access your bank account while travelling? Our SMS-only product provides you with a private and secure UK telephone number as a handy eSIM service that you can load into your phone as a second line and still receive the codes at home, and indeed anywhere in the world. Reliability is key for SMS Two Factor Authentication and being an O2 service, the delivery is pretty much guaranteed.

The number and service can be yours for life for just US$ 6.00 per month with no additional charges whatsoever. You can even port your existing UK number in with a PAC code.

You can receive and install this unique eSIM service within 5 minutes and it will be fully activated on receipt. Note that this is inbound SMS only with no calls or data supported.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you may have.

No. There will never be any additional charges over and above the monthly £5.

It works all over the world.

The service comes with a genuine +44 UK telephone number.

No. This is for inbound SMS only.

Simply log in to our website, go to Account and navigate to My eSIM. Here you will see a Cancel button..

This is clearly stated in your purchase email.

The plan is supplied fully activated and ready for immediate use. 

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