Our Mission

Here at eSIM.Net, we always strive to offer new ways to stay connected with one another. As technology progresses and we move towards a digital world, we want to ensure that we are providing the right products and services that deliver true value to our users.

What Do We Do?

Until now, in order to receive cellular service, a plastic SIM card was a necessity. Well guess what? Not anymore. We've also experienced the pains of physical SIM cards, which is why we've created the perfect solution for you.

With the arrival of mobile devices that already contain eSIM technology, you can purchase cellular services and data straight onto your phone. Especially if you're travelling, our eSIM services allow you to buy local services online quickly and easily, without any stress. You can also store several plans on one eSIM at once, so just enable them whenever you need them.

Leading the Future of Communications

We are proud to be an industry-leading online eSIM store, providing top quality O2 and Vodafone plans for the UK, and also for travel. Our eSIMs are unmatched, being the only eSIM plans that fully support voice, data and SMS. That is why we evolve as the rapidly expanding tech market evolves.

Trust Us

Behind the website there is a company with “real people”. eSIM.net Group Ltd was formed in July 2019 and comprises of a small but quickly expanding team of telecoms professionals with a combined experience of almost 100 years in the industry. We sat on the GSMA panel on scoping out the eSIM standard and from day one it has been our passion. Although the general conception is that eSIM technology is new, it has actually been around since the launch of the Apple 10 series of handsets and is about to explode when Apple launch their first handset without a physical SIM card, this makes eSIM services a “must have”. We are committed to it.

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