Leading the eSIM Travel Industry

When you want to listen to some music these days you do not go out and buy a plastic CD – you download your music from the Internet.

Likewise when you want to watch a movie, you use an online service like Netflix.

Until now you, in order to get mobile service you have had to get hold of a plastic SIM card and use a tool to insert it into your phone. This is no longer the case with the arrival of phones that have eSIM chips already inside them. Instead you can purchase mobile service on this web site and download the service into your phone. However you must have a modern handset and currently this means either an iPhone XS/XR/XS Max or Google Pixel 3. In addition the latest iPads and Microsoft Surfaces are fitted with eSIMs.

This is particularly useful for travellers. When you go to say USA you can buy a local service online and download it, either before you go or even after you arrive. You can store several Plans in the one eSIM chip in your phone at once and enable them when required.

eSIM.net is the leading online store providing eSIM services. We provide plans for every country in the world. All of our plans currently are data only, however we will also shortly supply plans that support voice and SMS as well as data. All plans are prepaid. The data only plans provide a certain amount of data that must be used within a certain time period. The data/voice/SMS plans will come with a certain amount of data and a certain value of calls/SMSs.

Simply search for your destination, select the plan that suits you and enter your credit card details. You will immediately receive an email with a QR code in it. Scan the QR code and you are ready to use the new service. Please see the video here for details of how to install the eSIM service in an iPhone.