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Wholesale Partner - Do you want to buy and resell our eSIM plans to your own end users?

A Wholesale Partner sells our eSIM plans to their own end customers. They have full control of the relationship with their customers. This means that they collect the money from, and provide support services to these end users. They may even prefer a ‘white-label’ arrangement whereby they market the services under their own brand.

A Wholesale Partner will buy eSIM plans from us when required using an API and will be charged for these plans at the end of the month. will provide 2nd Level support to your company.

This kind of deal generates you the most margin but means that you have to service the end customers.

Affiliate Partner - Do you simply want to make money from eSIM plans without having to offer telecoms support services?

If you are a travel company, run a blog or are an influencer you can be an Affiliate and ‘recommend’ our eSIM plans to your customers/followers. We will either give you a tracking Affiilate code for you to use on your website or simply give you discount voucher codes to supply to your customers/followers. This allows us to track what services have been sold as a result of your activities and to pay a revenue share to you.

Travel companies often make money out of ‘ancillary products’ like car rental and insurance. eSIM service makes an ideal ancillary product in that it provides the travel company with the telephone number for the person while they are travelling thus allowing the company to promote more services to them. will do all of the support services for the end customer, in whichever language is required.

Corporate Partner - Are you a company supplying mobile services to your employees?

If you are a company with employees who travel then you can save lots of money by supplying our eSIM plans to them under our Corporate Partnership agreement.

eSIM equipped phones support 2 separate telephone lines. This allows your employee to use one line for personal use and the other for business use with separate bills, ring-tones etc. We will provide you with a portal that allows you to analyse the Call Detail Records ( CDR’s ) of each employee and to manage each line. A Power BI Dashboard provides you with various visualizations ( Pie Charts etc. ) of usage patterns.

You can take advantage of our bulk pricing arrangements and our comprehensive support facilities.

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