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Please find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions below:

What is an eSIM?

The term “eSIM” stands for “Embedded Subscriber Identification Module”. This is a hardware component which is built into modern mobile phones and tablets supporting eSIM services.

How do I install the eSIM service to my handset?

After purchase you will immediately receive a QR code by email. click here to view our simple instructional video.

If required how do I manually set the APN ( Access Point Name)?

Steps for setting APN on iPhone 10S or 11.

1: Open Settings

2: Select “Mobile Data” ( “Cellular” if you have a USA iPhone )

3: Ensure that “Data Roaming” is set to ON

4: Select the installed eSIM.net plan

5: Select “Mobile Data Network” ( “Cellular Data Network” if you have a USA iPhone )

6: Check your plan to see what the APN should be set to.”globaldata” is the required APN for most plans

7: Enter the APN e.g. as “globaldata” ( without the ” quotation marks). Leave Username and Password blank

8: If you intend to use a Personal Hotspot ( tethering ) then also set the Personal Hotspot APN to the same values

When does my data plan start exactly?

Your data plan begins the moment that you start using mobile data.

Which destinations does the service cover?

We have a service for 230 countries around the world. Please search and I am sure that your country will be covered. As well as that country the same plan may well cover numerous other destinations.

Why do I need to upload my passport details ( KYC )

For certain countries there are regulations in place that means that customers need to complete an KYC process to be able to activate a new telecommunication service. eKYC is a paperless Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication process, wherein the identity and address of the subscriber are verified electronically. It is to validate customer identity and assessing their suitability, along with the potential risks of illegal intentions towards the usage of our services.

Are voice and SMS services also included?

Yes. We have a Pay As You Go global plan that supports voice, SMS and data in addition to our many data only plans. Note also that with our service you can still receive calls on your regular number when travelling.

Can I have more than one eSIM service installed in my handset?

Yes and simply purchase additional ones and follow the same installation procedure.

Will my regular physical SIM still work after the eSIM service is downloaded?

You can at any time decide whether your physical SIM or eSIM service should be active. When eSIM.net is active you have the option to still use your physical SIM for voice and SMS but please check on your roaming charges.

Should I switch on data roaming when using the eSIM service?

Yes this should be switched on.

How fast is the network speed?

4G / LTE is available in most countries with 3G supported on others.

Which smartphones and tablets support eSIM service?

Please see here for a list of all devices that currently support eSIM service.

Which payment methods can be used?

All major credit and debits cards can be used during our very secure check out process. All prices include UK VAT and are shown in USD (United States Dollars)

What is the refund procedure if requested?

We can offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase just as long as the eSIM.net service has not been installed to your handset.

How do I top up my Pay As You Go eSIM plan?

Go to the eSIM.net Home page and hit the ‘Top up’ button. Or if you have saved your credit card details you can top up directly from your handset using a short code. Get more details here