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Sorry, currently we don't have any Voice, Data and SMS plans for South Korea but please check back soon

* To take advantage of the discounted prices you need to purchase a recurring plan. This can be done in the checkout process. Remember, you can cancel at anytime with no penalty.

Flag of South Korea

South Korea Unlimited Data (1GB/day high speed)

US $ 15.00

In Stock

Unlimited data (1GB per day)

Valid 7 days

Immediate activation

Starts on first usage

Fantastic value

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Sorry, currently we don't have any Local plans for South Korea but please check back soon
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Flag of South Korea

O2 SMS Only

US $ 6.00

In Stock

30 Day Rolling

Private UK phone number for life

Receive SMS ( texts ) worldwide

Ideal for Two Factor Authentication

Reliable O2 service

Port your number in

Instant supply and activation


Travelling to South Korea?
Our South Korea eSIM Plans Have You Covered

If you buy a South Korea eSIM, it means you have access to local services online quickly, without the stress or hassle. Because they work on the local network, they provide the same unrivalled coverage in South Korea. From start to finish, we've got your back.

How it Works:

  1. Buy your eSIM
  2. Check your email for the QR code
  3. Scan the QR code onto your device
  4. Follow your phone instructions to install the eSIM
  5. Enjoy your travels

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us try to help answer some of the most common questions you may have.

Yes, these come with a +44 Vodafone UK mobile number. Calls and texts can be received free of charge in all 75 countries and you also have unlimited outbound calls and texts within the country you are in.

When you purchase the plan you will receive the service fully activated, so your 30 days will begin straight away.

As this is a non-recurring service you cannot port in your number. You can however with our normal monthly Vodafone eSIM plans.

Regardless of which eSIM for SOUTH-KOREA plan you choose, it will begin on the day of purchase and not when first used.

Be it a phone or a tablet the family of eSIM enabled devices is growing and growing, iPhones, Pixels and more. Find out if your device is compatible with eSIM.

You will receive your QR code to set up your eSIM as soon as your purchase is complete.

To set up your eSIM for SOUTH-KOREA, simply scan the QR code which you'll receive by email onto your device and follow the intructions to install your new eSIM.

SOUTH-KOREA eSIM services on a handset work concurrently with an existing SIM card, meaning there is no need to remove your existing SIM or lose your personal, private number. Whether you opt for data-only eSIMs or an eSIM plan with voice, SMS and data, you’ll be able to use both SIM options at the same time.

We currently offer both data only and SMS only eSIM plans in South Korea. If you opt for our SMS only eSIM plan you'll be able to send and receive text/SMS messages globally but won't be able to make calls. If you opt for our data only eSIM plan, you won't be able to make traditional calls and texts but will be able to connect with friends and family using your favourite messaging apps with 1GB per day high-speed data.

Our South Korea 1GB (per day) high-speed data eSIM plan is a favourite with our customers travelling within South Korea. It includes 1GB (per day) high speed data, is valid for 7 days and has immediate activation. Alternatively we also offer an SMS only plan which includes a rolling 30-day plan, a private UK number for life, allows you to receive SMS messages globally and SMS two-factor authentication. 

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