Global Travel eSIM

Stay connected in whichever country you travel to, wherever you go


Top grade quality for all plans.

High end business features that an eSIM demands and deserves.

Experience 5G

Have a 5G enabled device? Lucky you and experience speed that you have never seen before. 

WiFi Calling

Regardless of the network that we use we will find no signal areas somewhere. Enter WiFi Calling. 

An Additional UK Number

Add a second number to your phone for business, privacy or for SMS authentication. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

No, these are data-only plans but calls can be made over popular apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger,  Telegram, Skype etc.

The validity period starts on first usage and not from the purchase date.

All plans support 4G coverage and speeds.

No, none of the plans have any Age Restriction Bars.

Please see the link here which should help.

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